Release Alert: Enhance Your App's Look with Custom Color Themes in Kissflow Apps

We are thrilled to introduce a new feature in Kissflow Apps: Custom color themes! This feature gives users the power and freedom to customize their low-code application's overall look to suit their organization's needs.

Our new Theme Settings option within Apps allows administrators to choose from various primary, secondary, semantic, and neutral colors carefully curated from popular CSS styles.

The extensive color options help admins customize their pages at a granular level to develop a unique look and feel for their app and ensure branding consistency.

The theme settings page comes with a sample preview page where an admin can see a live preview of how the theme color changes will reflect in some of the page components; this allows them to check for usability and improve accessibility in the app.

In addition to app theme settings, we are introducing a selection of typefaces as part of Account Customization settings. Administrators can choose a typeface that will apply to all modules across the Kissflow account.

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For example, let's take StarK Cooperation, a leading tech company, using this feature to enhance their employee portal. They can choose colors that reflect their brand identity and create a visually appealing interface for their employees.

We believe these new additions will elevate your overall user experience and empower you to build visually consistent and sleek low-code applications that reflect your organization's style.

Try it out, and let us know your feedback about these new feature additions in the comments below!

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