Improve Flow Security With Flow-Based Access Control

Do you want to customize access to your flows at the flow level? 
While you can customize certain permissions in the Account administration's Flow settings, you can have more customized access control settings in the security settings of each respective flow.

How does it work?
In the Security settings of the particular flow, you can choose between global and customized permission. 

  • Set global permission:

If you set it to global permission, all flows across your account can access the particular flow. However, you can choose whether all fields can be looked up or only specific fields can be looked up.

  • Add customized permission: 

With customized permission, you can set a specific permission for each flow. You can choose a specific process, board, or dataset and customize permission for that particular flow to look up all or only specific data. 

Sarah, the Marketing Manager at Stark Corporation, manages the Campaign Management Process involving various teams (creative, analytics, media buying). Here, setting global permission allows all teams to access the campaign planning flow, ensuring everyone is aligned. However, customized permissions are implemented to safeguard sensitive information like budget allocations or media buying strategies. For instance, while the analytics team can access all fields to measure campaign performance, the creative team can only view specific fields relevant to content creation. This setup ensures seamless collaboration without compromising on data security and confidentiality.

Note: You can enable both global and customized permissions at the same time.

Read more about flow-based access control here

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