Introducing Audit Logs for Kissflow App and Portal Management

We're excited to introduce a significant update for our App and Portal admins – the arrival of Audit Logs! This powerful feature allows you to gain unparalleled visibility into events, simplifying the tracking of activities within your apps and portals. This is an effective step towards ensuring better transparency and accountability across all user activities in Kissflow!

The Audit Log now provides app and portal admins with a detailed record of events, functioning similarly to the account and flow audits. This provides a comprehensive overview of all activities occurring within your apps and portals. Enhance security and management by monitoring and managing events within your apps and portals.

Show your excitement by signing in and liking this post. Try the Audit Logs and let us know your thoughts on this release. What additional features do you want to see in future updates?

Your insights, shared in the comments below, are invaluable in helping us refine and enhance your experience further.

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