Auto-Assign Approvers to a Process Workflow Step Using a Formula

Do you want to auto-assign approvers to a workflow approval step using formulae? 
Here's an easy tip using the IF function to assign approvers to a workflow using formulas automatically.

How does it work?
Sarah is responsible for overseeing the employee onboarding process at Stark Corporation. She has configured the workflow step to auto-fetch approvers with the If function for the final review based on the employee's employment type.

Here's the formula she's used to achieve this:

if(Employment_Type= "Consultant",Reporting_Manager,if(Employment_Type="Part Time",Reviewing_Manager,_created_by.Manager))

If the employee is a consultant, the workflow step is assigned to the reporting manager. For part-time employees, it goes to the reviewing manager for approval; for full-time employees, it goes to their respective team manager.

Pro Tip:
You can also use the IF function for other condition logic in Kissflow, such as determining if a step should occur based on certain conditions.

Read more about the other ways of assigning approvers to a workflow step here.

 suggested this use case for auto-assigning approvers in the employee onboarding process for steps that involve multiple approvers to a particular step. This way, the item is assigned to the respective manager based on the condition.

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