Addition of start date system field in Kissflow boards

We're adding a new system field called Start date in Kissflow Boards for all plans in the work platform. With this, you can set the date and time when a board item or subitem needs to start. This new feature brings several improvements, and impacts the below areas within Kissflow.



In the kanban and matrix layouts, you can set the start date directly from the item card, alongside the due date and assignee. 

We’ve also added a new start date column in the list layout that displays the start dates of all board items. 

Inside a board item

You can set the start date of a board item from inside an item. Any activity related to the start date will be recorded in the Activity section of a board item.


  • Item assignees will receive a notification when the item’s start date is 24 hours away from the current date and time (when an item is going to start in the next 24 hours).
  • Item assignees and watchers will receive a notification when the item’s start date matches the current date and time (when an item has started).
Formula builder in boards

The formula builder of board forms includes a new Start date field under the system fields section. This helps you build formulas that require the start date of a board item.

Filters in boards

You can involve the start date field inside regular and advanced board filters while searching for items or subitems. We’ve also added a new Estimated time field to the advanced filter that gives the time difference between the start and due dates.

Exports and imports

When you import a .CSV file to create a new board, you can map a column to the new Start date field. Also, a new start date column will be displayed in the .CSV file when you export a board. 

Custom reports

You can also include the Start date field to configure custom reports in boards.

Board APIs

In the Get item API of Kissflow Boards, when you make a request to retrieve data from a specific endpoint, the API will include a response field called _start_date. This field contains information about the start date associated with the data you are retrieving.

In the Update item API, when you send a payload to update or modify data in Kissflow Boards, you can include a parameter called _start_date in your request payload. This parameter allows you to provide or update the start date associated with the specific data you are modifying.


In the Kissflow Board connector, we’ve added two new triggers that are associated with the start date of an item:

  1. When the start date of an item is updated - Integration triggers when a board item’s start date is updated.
  2. When an item starts - Integration triggers when the start date set in the item matches the current date and time.

Additionally, you’ll also have a new Start date field in the configuration section of a Kissflow Board connector.

With the introduction of the Start date field, you can gain better planning capabilities, and manage your board's work items more efficiently. These changes will be rolled out alongside the timeline layout in boards, expected on 20 July 2023..