Prevent Errors When Deactivating Users in Kissflow

Do you often encounter errors when deactivating a user from your Kissflow account?
Some common issues include attempting to deactivate yourself, inactive users, or super admins.

How Does It Work?
If you want to deactivate a user with the super admin role, you must first change their role from super admin to a different role, such as a regular user.

To change the user role:

  • Navigate to the user management section.

  • Select the user you want to deactivate.

  • Change their role from super admin to a regular user or another appropriate role.

Note: Upon reactivating a user, reinstate the super admin role that was revoked before deactivation.

Read more about activating and deactivating users here

 suggested this to help avoid common errors encountered during the deactivation process. By following these simple steps, you can ensure a smoother and error-free experience when managing user deactivations in Kissflow.

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