Improved update trigger for dataset integration

At Kissflow, customer feedback drives our product development lifecycle. In response to recent customer requests to improve the update trigger in dataset integration, we’ve thoroughly evaluated the request and are actively working on implementing the changes.

Current challenge

Up until now, the dataset integration trigger has been used for initiating an action each time an existing row is updated in the main dataset. However, when a user directly updates a row in the view generated from the main dataset, it is not possible to initiate an action using the current trigger. 

Planned resolution

We’ve tweaked the trigger to accommodate updates made through views as well. 

Now, whenever a user updates a row in the view, it will trigger the configured action accordingly, just as it currently does for row updates in the main dataset. No specific changes are required from your end during configuration.

Scheduled rollout date

You can expect these changes to be live by the end of the first week of April.

Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions regarding this change. Thanks for your support and understanding.