Introducing Drilldown Capability in Kissflow Pivot and Chart Reports

Discover deeper insights and gain more control over your pivot and chart reports: the Drilldown capability. With this feature, you can now view the underlying data from pivot and chart reports in a tabular view, providing a more granular look. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Drilldown Capability: You can quickly drill down into your pivot or chart report by hovering over and clicking on a section or a cell in the pivot table. In the tabular view, you can sort, show, and hide fields and customize it to your preferences. You can also export the detailed data in formats like CSV and JSON for easy sharing. 

  • Extended Drilldown - On Click Event() in Apps: In apps, you can define target actions with on-click event support, linking reports with other components for deeper exploration of related data.

Imagine Sarah has a pie chart to analyze the budget spent for the year 2023. The chart shows the budget split across different teams. Sarah wants to see a detailed breakdown of the budget spent by the Admin team. She accesses a detailed tabular view of the data by hovering over and clicking on the Admin team section of the chart. 

Similarly on apps, when clicking on a pie chart component, Sarah can configure the target component to be a page, a popup, or to reload another component on the same page.

Note: For new reports, drilldown will be enabled by default. For reports created before this release, it needs to be enabled by editing the report.

Try out the Drilldown & On Click() capability in your pivot and chart reports today and experience new levels of data insight with Kissflow. Let us know your feedback about this addition in the comments below!

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