Reconnect Failed Connections in Your Kissflow Integrations

Do you have integration connections created by inactive users that result in failed integrations?
As a Super Admin, you can activate these by reconnecting them with an active account.

How does it work? 
After Sarah, the HR Manager, left Stark Corporation, all onboarding integrations created using her connection failed. However, Tony is also a member of the connection that Sarah had originally created. As a Super Admin, he's reconnected the connection successfully to activate the integrations associated with the connection. 


Pro Tip:

  • Admins can use and modify the connection in any integration steps.
  • Members can only use the connection in any integration steps.

Learn more about Connections here.

Ajay recommended this use case to activate failed connections used in multiple integrations. This has proven effective in resolving errors stemming from inactive user connections.

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