How to Fetch Values From a Rating Field in a Number field in Kissflow Forms

Do you use the Rating field in your forms for rating purposes?
Do you know there's an easy trick to fetch values from this field in a number field?

Here's how it works:

  • Create a Rating field.

  • Next, create a Number field and compute it with the field name of the rating field. This fetches the value from the rating field in the number field.

Let's say there's a rating field called Performance Rating. To display the value from this field in a number field, simply compute it with the value Performance Rating field to populate the value.

Sarah utilizes the rating field in her employee appraisal form to assess performance. To translate the performance into numerical values, she has created a number field that fetches values from the rating field. Consequently, when a rating is entered in the rating field, it is automatically converted into numerical values in the number field.

Pro Tip: You can also enable half-star ratings; the number field fetches the values in decimals.

Read more about the Rating and Number fields here.

 suggested this tip to allow ratings to be displayed in the rating form and numerical value.

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