Introducing Subitems Triggers and Actions in Kissflow Integrations

We're thrilled to share an exciting enhancement to Kissflow integrations tailored for our board users - Subitem Triggers and Actions.

With this new feature, you can set up actions and customize them according to the activities performed within subitems. This feature is ideal for users managing interconnected workflows across various boards and processes. You can automate workflows and actions within your board subitems and improve efficiency. Additionally, you can also automate the creation and assignment of subitems for a more streamlined workflow.

Read more about the triggers and actions here

We're eager to hear how you plan on integrating your subitems today. Your creative ideas always inspire
others, so don't hold back!

Share your thoughts in the comments - tell us what you liked and suggest improvements in Kissflow Boards to enhance your experience. Your insights are invaluable for refining and optimizing our features.

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