Auto-fetch Approval Details of Process Workflow Steps With Kissflow Integrations

Do you want to fetch the workflow step approval details in a process? 
A simple two-step integration is all you need to achieve this. 

How does it work? 
Sarah, the HR Manager at Stark Corporation, oversees the employee onboarding. The onboarding process has five approval steps. To easily track the approval details for each workflow step, she's added a table to the form and implemented an integration that auto-updates the approval details in the form table. Details of the workflow step approvers and when the item is approved are auto-updated as the item completes each workflow step. 


Pro Tip: With just one integration, you can auto-update multiple form tables from the same process, allowing you to autofill details easily. 

Learn more about the process connector and the actions available here

suggested this use case to auto-update the approval details for an item. This makes it easy to track the approval details without manually checking them for each step. 

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