Simplifying Kissflow Process Workflow Step Approvals With Common Deadlines

Do you have a Kissflow process with multiple workflow steps and different deadlines, which often leads to delays in approvals? 
You can avoid these delays by setting a single deadline for all approvers in the workflow, which requires them to submit the item by the same deadline.

How does it work? 
Imagine Sarah, the HR manager at Stark Corporation, who handles the employee onboarding process. There are five workflow steps in the process, and to ensure that all approvers have a common deadline, she has a Date & Time field in the form computed with the Submitted at function. She's used the formula _submitted_at + the number of days to ensure the item is approved within the common deadline. 

For instance, she wants the items to be approved within two days from when it is submitted. So, she's used the formula _submitted_at + 2. The number here automatically calculates the value in days. 

Next, she's mapped the computed date & time field to the Deadline field of the workflow steps. As a result, she has achieved a standard deadline for all approvers.

Pro Tip: By default, the assignee will get a notification and email as soon as the deadline is crossed. You can add additional alerts like notifications and escalations based on your needs.  

Read more about configuring deadlines here

 suggested this use case to simplify the process of setting deadlines for workflow steps while ensuring a common deadline for multiple workflows.

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