Assign Approvers to a Process Workflow Step From a Dataset

Do you manually assign approvers to the process workflows using multiple steps and formulae? 

Streamline the approver assignment in your workflow by automating the process. Set up a dynamic system to fetch approvers from a dataset, allowing you to save time and effort. 

How does it work? 
Sarah, the Kissflow Admin, has implemented the automated approver assignment in the Leave Management process. Whenever employees submit their leave requests, the system automatically directs them to their respective department managers. This functionality is achieved by dynamically retrieving the managers' details from a dataset, significantly minimizing manual efforts.


Pro Tip: To add multiple assignees to a step from a dataset, map multiple users to a particular row. For example, you can assign 3-4 assignees as managers to the Product Management field, and items with Product Management in the department will have four assignees from the dataset. This way, you can efficiently assign tasks to multiple users at once.

Read more about assigning steps in a process workflow here

 proposed this solution to simplify the process of assigning approvers and eliminate the need for manual assignment of approvers in process workflows. This optimization streamlines the workflow process, reduces the workload on flow builders, and enhances the system's overall efficiency.

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