Introducing New Actions to the Xero Connector in Kissflow Integrations

Weโ€™ve introduced three new actions to Xero connectors, providing greater flexibility and control over your financial processes.

  • Create a bill - This action creates a new bill in Xero

  • Create an item - This action creates a new item and retrieves the item code in Xero

  • Get tracking categories - This action retrieves the tracking categories in Xero 

Learn more about the Xero Connector and its configuration here

We encourage all Xero users to explore these new actions and share your feedback in the comments. Your feedback is essential as it helps us improve our integration connectors to suit your needs better. We are eager to hear your thoughts on how we can further enhance your experience.

Have a query? Head to the Get Help section. Our dedicated support team is ready to provide prompt assistance.

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