Let's Learn Boards: How to use metrics in Kissflow board

In this video, you'll learn how to access metrics in Kissflow boards to track and analyse performance over time. The system-defined reports cover crucial aspects such as status, priority, due dates, and more, enabling you to refine them with custom date ranges and filters for precise analysis.

With these metrics, you can optimize your workflow effortlessly and identify potential bottlenecks hindering progress. 


Which system-defined reports do you frequently use to track the performance of your Kissflow boards? 

  • Status summary report
  • Priority summary report 
  • Due date summary report 
  • Aging report 
  • Status performance report 

Learn more about board metrics here.

We hope that our Let's Learn Boards series has been helpful to you in understanding the various features of Kissflow boards and how they can be utilized in your organization to enhance efficiency and productivity. We look forward to bringing you another Kissflow learning series soon. 

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