Bulk Initiate Process Items with CSV Imports in Kissflow Boards

Would you like to initiate items in bulk within your Kissflow process? This can be easily accomplished using the import CSV feature in Kissflow boards along with a straightforward 2-step integration between your board and the process.

How does it work? 
Consider Sarah, the HR manager at Stark Corporation, tasked with commencing quarterly appraisals. Manually starting this process for each employee is tedious. To streamline this, Sarah utilizes the import CSV feature in boards, integrating it with the appraisal process. When a new item is added to the board, it automatically generates a corresponding item in the process, significantly reducing her workload.


Pro Tip: 

  • Within the CSV file, you can map only the following field types to your board: Text, TextArea, Number, Rating, Date, Date-time, Currency, Yes/no, User, Single-select dropdown, Multi-select dropdown, Slider, Checkbox type fields. 

  • You can upload a maximum of 100 rows to the CSV file. If you exceed this limit, the upload will fail due to rate limits.

  • While mopping form fields from the CSV, you can create a new copy, skip, or replace an existing item to prevent duplicates. If you choose to skip or replace, select the field you want to skip or replace and click Finish.

Read more about Importing a CSV file to your board here.

 suggested this use case to simplify the bulk initiation of employee appraisal forms every quarter, significantly reducing the effort and time required to initiate items for each user separately.

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