Introducing Organization Settings in Kissflow Portals

We have introduced the organization settings to Kissflow Portals to give users more control over their access and enhance overall accessibility.

Previously, portals did not offer the option to assign an item to a specific user, which limited users' access and item assignment. To address this issue, we have introduced portal settings with two major advantages.

1. It allows users from your organization to assign items to users within and outside the organization.

2. It provides access to users from external organizations to assign tasks across organizations.

Here's how it works:

  • By default, the user's organization is detected from the email address. Admins can also modify the users' organizations.

  • To grant users from your organization access to assign tasks to users from your organization and other organizations, add the list of organizations under "Add your organizations."

  • To allow users from other organizations to assign tasks to users from different organizations, enable "Cross-organization user access."

Let's consider a scenario.

Sarah manages two portals, one for Asset Procurement and another for Billing Management. Since she sources assets from multiple vendors who collaborate, she has enabled Cross-Organization user access to allow vendors from different organizations to access and assign items as needed.

However, for the billing invoices, she only requires users from her organization to assign items to vendors. In this case, she simply adds the organizations that permit her users to assign users from within and outside the organization and restricts access to external users.

Learn more about organization settings here

As a portal user, we hope this addition makes your portal management easier. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this addition and how it improves your portal usage.

If you're excited about this new addition, please sign in and like this post. Tell us what you like about these enhancements and what could be improved.

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