Let's Learn Boards - How to create custom views in Kissflow boards

Learn how to customize your Kissflow board experience with personalized views. By creating custom views, you can filter, sort, and organize board data to match your unique workflow, allowing you to focus on specific subsets of data for improved organization during tasks. Views can combine filters, sort orders, and other advanced configurations, making them particularly useful for sub-teams within larger teams. You can save your board views in Kanban, List, Matrix, or Timeline layouts.

While all board members can create new private views, sharing views with other admins and members is a privilege reserved solely for admins.

For example, if the quarterly sales campaign target is region-based, members and assignees may only need access to items from the regions they are responsible for. Admins can better organize the board by creating different views based on the selected region within the form.


Learn more about board views here.

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