Upcoming enhancements - Save your board's workflow as a draft

We're making some enhancements in the workflow settings of Kissflow Boards. This will help you create and manage your board workflows more efficiently. 

Currently, you use Cancel and Save as the call-to-action buttons within your board’s workflow settings. We’re soon introducing a new button called Save & close to replace the existing Cancel button. This allows you to save your workflow changes as a draft when they're not ready to be published yet. You can come back anytime to pick up where you left off and continue editing your workflow.

We’re renaming the existing Save button to Go live to accurately reflect its function of activating your finalized workflow changes.


You can expect these changes to roll out by the end of June 2024. Stay tuned for the enhancements and feel free to reach out to us in the comments section if you have any questions. 

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