Solving Locale-Specific Currency and Number Format Issues in Kissflow

Do you have users from different regions using Kissflow, often leading to locale-specific currency and number format issues?
You can solve this with a simple formula to correctly interpret the values.

How does it work? 
Stark Corporation, an e-commerce service, utilizes Kissflow to handle order submissions. Customers from different regions enter prices and quantities using their local formats. However, the approvers want to review these in their currency and number formats. By implementing a formatting workaround, the system can accurately interpret and process the values, ensuring precise order handling and reducing errors in financial data.

Imagine a user enters a value formatted in Spanish. Hereโ€™s a number input in the form: "565.446.758." This format uses a period as the thousand separator, which differs from the standard US format. Here's an example given below:

The format is not correctly interpreted when using this field in an email integration. This discrepancy occurs due to limitations in handling different formats during integration. Refer to the image below:


To overcome this, we developed a workaround using a formula to format the value correctly. Hereโ€™s how it works. We create an additional text field and compute it with the following formula to interpret the value in the desired format. 

totext(number(Amount.toText().replace(",", "")), "#,##0.00\;_(#,##0.00)").replace(".", ",")


This formula converts the currency and number format, maintaining the correct formatting for the reviewer in both the form and the integration. The Amount field is the field in which the user inputs the value. The Converted Amount computes the value from the Amount field using the above formula. 

This ensures the formatting appears correctly in the integration as well.

Learn more about number and currency expressions here.

 proposed a use case to tackle the persistent problems related to currency and number format within forms and integrations. This customization has been useful in preventing discrepancies and ensuring consistency.

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