Introducing Google Chat Connector in Kissflow Integrations

We have some exciting news to share with you! The Google Chat Connector is now live in Kissflow Integrations. This feature is designed to take your team collaboration to the next level! With this connector, you can seamlessly integrate with Google Chat and enjoy a range of features that will simplify your interactions, automate workflows, and monitor progress.

Effortless Integration: Kissflow's Google Chat Connector offers a seamless integration experience with various third-party applications and Kissflow workflows. All you need is a valid Google Chat account, and as a paid Kissflow customer, you can easily integrate with Google Chat.

Streamlining Workflows: If your workflow involves responding to specific events in Google Chat, such as sending messages or triggering automated processes, the Google Chat Connector simplifies these tasks. By connecting Google Chat with other applications and workflows, you can automate actions and ensure a smooth flow of work.

We offer the following supported actions in the Google Chat Connector:

  • Send a message 

  • Send a message via webhook

Read more about this here.

Tell us which action you are most excited to configure with our new Google Chat Connector first - Send a message or Send a message via the webhook? 

We'd love to hear your thoughts! Let us know your feedback in the comments below. We're all ears! 

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