Automating Customized Emails by Departments Using Kissflow Integrations

Would you like to streamline the automated delivery of personalized emails to different departments in your organization?
Kissflow integrations provide a solution to automate the process of sending customized emails to various departments. This automation guarantees swift and accurate delivery of essential information to each department, eliminating the need for manual intervention. 

How does it work? 
Sarah, the HR Manager at Stark Corporation, supervises the Quarterly Review process, which spans multiple departments within the organization. The process is structured to collect varying details based on the department selected in the form. This customization guarantees that distinct information is gathered for each department, guided by specific visibility conditions. Additionally, Sarah has set up an integration with multiple conditions that automatically dispatches a personalized email to the appropriate department manager based on the department chosen. This system streamlines communication, catering to the unique requirements of each department.


Pro Tip: Apart from specifying the consequent actions when a condition is met, you can also specify the actions when a condition is not met.

Read more about the conditions in integrations here

 suggested automating the process of sending customized quarterly review emails to department managers. This has helped save time and manual work.

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