Automate File Management Between Kissflow and Google Drive with the Kissflow Google Drive Connector

Do you want to move files from Kissflow to your Google Drive automatically? 
By utilizing the Google Drive connector in Kissflow integrations, you can seamlessly integrate Kissflow-related data with Google Drive. This connector offers a range of functionalities, including Creating a folder, Uploading files, Moving a file, Replacing a file, Finding a folder, and Finding a file. 

How does it work? 

Create a Folder: 
Sarah, the Product Trainer at Stark Corporation, oversees product training sessions in Kissflow. Using the 'Create a new folder' action in the Google Drive connector, a new Google Drive folder is automatically created for each employee upon completion of their product training program in Kissflow. This setup ensures that every employee's training materials and completion certificates are neatly organized in their Google Drive folders, providing easy access for future reference.

Upload a File:
Similarly, she's used the Upload files action to upload their training certificates to their respective folders. This automated process guarantees a secure and efficient method for storing important documents without manual uploads, keeping the records systemized.


Pro Tip: The maximum file upload size to Google Drive is 105 MB.

Read more about the triggers and actions available in the Google Drive connector here

 has presented this use case to demonstrate the potential of integrating Kissflow data with Google Drive. These examples showcase how easy it is to connect these two platforms seamlessly in three easy steps.

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