Streamline Your Workflow: Automate Communication Between Kissflow and Slack

Would you like to automatically send messages to your Slack channel based on your Kissflow workflows?
To automate your processes between Kissflow and Slack, all you need is a simple two-step integration involving the Slack connector. 

How does it work? 
Stark Corporation uses Slack to manage its internal communications. Whenever an item is completed in the Proposal Approval process, a message is sent to the Stark Communications channel informing the members whose proposal is approved with a message. This setup involves an integration using the Slack connector.


Pro Tip: You can also create a channel from scratch and automate direct messages with this connector. 

Read more about the Slack connector here

 recommended setting up automated communication between Kissflow and Stark to ensure timely updates are sent. This has significantly reduced the time spent on manually sending updates.

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