Automating Contract Creation With Conditional Logic in Kissflow Document Templates

Do you want to automatically retrieve specific form field data and customize document templates based on conditions?
Using a straightforward if-else condition can dynamically fetch values in your document template depending on the conditions specified.

How does it work? 
Stark Fitness Centre offers different membership options, each with unique terms and conditions. To streamline contract creation, they've integrated Kissflow. This system generates personalized PDF contracts based on the chosen membership plan, inserting pricing and benefits dynamically into the template. For instance, basic memberships include three free extra months, while premium memberships come with six additional months at no cost.

Here's the formula they have used in the document template:
{% if Membership_Type ='Basic' %} 3 months of subscription for free.  {% elif Membership_Type = 'Premium' %} 6 months of subscription for free.  {% endif %}


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Learn more about creating document templates here

 suggested using this use case to automate customization for numerous document templates with simple logical conditions, which has saved time and manual effort. 

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