Upcoming Changes: Improved Search Behavior for Board Items

Dear Kissflow Users,
We're excited to announce an upcoming improvement to the search behavior for board items in Kissflow! Currently, when you search for a board item using Kissflow's global search, it opens in a pop-up. However, the item remains on the board's homepage once you close it.

We're implementing a change to provide a more uniform and intuitive experience across the platform. Moving forward, when you search for a board item and open it in a pop-up, once you close the item, you will remain on the page from where you initiated the search.

Current Behaviour:

Why the Change?
Consistency is key to providing a seamless user experience. By aligning the behavior for board items with other process items in Kissflow, we aim to make navigation more intuitive and efficient for our users. This change ensures that you seamlessly return to your original context after viewing a board item, just like process items.

Expected Rollout:
This change is scheduled to go live in approximately two weeks. We'll notify you once the update is live, and you can start enjoying the improved search experience for boards in Kissflow.

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