Introducing Resource Manager in Kissflow Apps

We are thrilled to introduce Resource Manager in Apps, a comprehensive file management system created to store, organize, and access visual assets within Kissflow Apps. 

With the Resource Manager, you can easily upload your visual assets from your local drive or external cloud services such as Box, OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive and keep them organized inside folders within your apps. The resource manager feature allows you to upload up to ten files at a time, each with a maximum size of 5 MB. You can even create nested folders to organize your resources better. 

Once uploaded, you can directly refer to them from pages. You can also upload images directly from your local drive to pages. These images will be automatically stored in the root directory of the Resource Manager.

Here are some advantages of using Resource Manager in apps:

1. Consolidation: Provides a repository to store all app-specific images and icons, making it easier to manage them.

2. Speed and efficiency: Loads resources faster on pages since files are hosted within Kissflow. 

3. Organization: Lets you rename files, move them between folders, and create nested folders for further organization.

4. Quick and Efficient Search: Offers search and sort functions to help you find files quickly and efficiently.


Note: The resource manager and its files are unique to each app within your Kissflow account. Hence, resources cannot be shared or accessed across different apps, even if they are part of the same Kissflow account.

Read more about resource manager here

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