Prevent Duplicates Entries in Kissflow Form Tables for Enhanced Data Integrity

Do you want to prevent users from submitting duplicate entries in the process form tables?
You can easily achieve this with a simple aggregation field and a few formulae.

How does it work?
Sarah is responsible for managing the Purchase Order process at Stark Corporation. The form she uses includes a child table to collect order details. To prevent users from selecting the same product more than once in different rows, Sarah has implemented a system with formulas and aggregation fields that allow users to choose a product only once in the form table.


Pro Tip: To prevent duplicates in a single form table column, enable the 'Mark as unique' option, which allows only unique values in the column.

Read more about the aggregation field here.

 suggested this use case to prevent duplicate entries in form child tables. While the unique column option is available, it can only be applied to a single column. This method has helped us prevent duplicate data in multiple columns of form tables.

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