Enhancing Department Updates with Automated Notifications via Kissflow Integrations

Would you like to receive immediate notifications when critical information in your dataset is modified? 
Let's learn how to achieve this with the "Retrieve a row from a dataset" action in the Dataset connector.

How does it work?
Stark Corporation uses Integrations to monitor changes in department details in the Department Managers dataset. When a manager's department is updated in the dataset, an email with the updated details is sent to the relevant managers. The integration retrieves the updated dataset rows and automates email.


Pro Tip: Complex fields like user fields are hidden by default when fetching a dataset row as a table. Therefore, it can only be fetched as a separate field in the email body instead of within the table.

Read more about the dataset connector here

proposed this use case to help the management team stay updated with changes made to department details. This ensures the team remains informed of significant changes, enabling better oversight and quick responses to organizational adjustments.

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