Coming Soon: An enhanced App Builder with streamlined workflow and an advanced user interface

Kissflow's App Builder is being redesigned and updated to offer a more user-friendly and intuitive interface, enhancing your experience. Here's a preview of the upcoming changes.

Remodeled navigation panel

A static navigation panel on the left will be present throughout the app-building process in the updated App Builder. This panel provides easy access to all necessary tools for app creation, such as pages, processes, and variables. For streamlined navigation, we've organized related modules into three categories: Data, Interface, and Logic.

Modular components

From now on, you can directly drag-and-drop flow components from the component library without first selecting a source flow. This feature will allow you to effortlessly change the source flow of a component without altering the page layout.

Uninterrupted development with tabs

Going forward, any feature you access in the App Builder will open as a separate tab in the builder window. This allows for seamless app development, letting you switch between tabs without losing progress.

For instance, if youโ€™re working on a page and need to modify a process, you can quickly navigate to the process from the left panel,  and itโ€™ll open in a new tab for convenient editing.

New features and style options

This revamp also introduces new features and styling choices for components, offering a range of customizations to help you tailor your app according to your specific needs.

The new and improved App Builder is all set to go live by the second week of December 2023. We hope you are excited to try out the enhanced App Builder designed to elevate your app-building experience.