Automate Data Management Between Kissflow and Google Sheets

Would you like to automatically create new Google spreadsheets every time a workflow is completed in your Kissflow process?
You can achieve this with a two-step integration using the Google Sheets connector.

How does it work? 
Imagine the sales team at Stark Corporation managing client proposals. With Google integration, a new Google spreadsheet is automatically created when a new proposal is approved. This automation allows the team to efficiently track and manage approved proposals without manually creating a new spreadsheet for each approval, saving valuable time and ensuring organized data management.


Pro Tip: You can create a spreadsheet from scratch or duplicate an existing spreadsheet from the same account.

Read more about the Google Sheets connector here

suggested implementing automation to streamline the process of generating new spreadsheets, aiming to minimize the manual effort required to create individual spreadsheets for each user. This initiative has proven to be a time-saving solution.

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