Exciting Updates in Kissflow Integrations for Enhanced User Experience!

We're thrilled to announce that Kissflow Integrations has undergone some major upgrades and fixes! If youโ€™re a frequent user of integrations, you may have already noticed these changes. In case you missed it, these updates aim to make managing integrations, connections, and your overall workflow a breeze. With improved data viewing and an enhanced run history, our updates offer a wide range of benefits. We hope you enjoy the new and improved Kissflow Integrations!

Check out what's new:

1. Optimized Space: The All Integration landing page is optimized to provide a more spacious and user-friendly layout.

2. Enhanced Data Viewing: The read-only grid component is replaced with a data table for better data visualization.

3. Empty State Improvement: The empty state display is updated for integration, connection, and run history sections for cases with no data available.

4. Simplified Navigation: The Create Integration/Connection button is now easily accessible in a circular tab section.

5. Integration Navigation Refinement: Several issues in the Integration navigation are resolved, including the error message that appeared when switching views. The connected apps column has been redesigned to provide a smoother experience, and disabled integrations are now displayed in a light gray shade.

6. Connection Management: Managing connections is significantly easier with a revamped connection navigation system with a scrollable segment view and improved search function.

7. Run History Enhancement: The run history filter has been improved to make finding and tracking your runs easier.  We have fixed the error message issue when selecting custom date ranges, ensuring uninterrupted progress.

Your feedback is important to us. Please log in to like this post if you found these enhancements useful, and leave your feedback in the comments below.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below โ€“ we're here to help.

We recommend you post your Kissflow support queries in the Get Help section. Rest assured, you'll receive immediate attention and assistance from our support team.

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