An enhanced form-building experience: Major updates are coming by December!

Following an extensive UX analysis, Kissflow is gearing up for major changes to the form builder for a smoother and more intuitive experience. This revamp, backed by usage metrics and industry standards, will serve as a foundation to build significant features.



Two notable enhancements will be added to the form, including a grid widget for customizing form layout and an improved style settings for all fields. This marks the beginning, with more features to come, guided by this revamp at its core.

Here's a quick rundown of the upcoming usability improvements to form builder.

Navigation panel overhaul

The enhanced form builder will have a left panel to drag-and-drop fields to the form and a right panel to adjust their respective field properties. 

Optimized field grouping

The left panel will feature two main categories for grouping field types:

  • All fields.

  • AI-suggested fields.

The All fields tab will be further organized in to sub-categories such as:

  • Basic fields.

  • Advanced fields.

  • File and media.

  • Data lookup.

  • Widget.

Appearance menu getting a facelift

The revamped appearance menu will be aptly named Style. You’ll have options to:

  • Apply styles to all field types in the form.

  • Enjoy a broader color palette that includes a default, system color (), and 11 individual colors. 

  • Customize the colors of individual field components like sections and tables within apps.

New grid widget 

The new grid widget primarily optimizes space in forms for an enhanced layout. You can add any number of fields in a grid by placing them one below the other. In addition to space utilization, you can group fields within the grid and apply visibility conditions.

We can't wait for us all to explore these enhancements together by the end of December, 2023. If you're curious or have any thoughts to share, we invite you to leave a comment below.

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