Introducing Widget Referencing for Effortless Data Sharing Across Apps!

Do you build or manage multiple apps in Kissflow? Do you find it challenging to access data across different applications because of siloed data within each app? 
Introducing widget referencing for better connectivity and control across apps, making it easier to grant access privileges and consume data.

Here's what you can achieve with this latest addition:

  • Access views and reports from one app within another app.

  • Perform actions on workflow steps from one app in another app.

  • Initiate items within an app's flow from another app.

This functionality extends across Processes, Boards, and Dataforms within apps and portals, streamlining your workflow and improving overall efficiency.

Consider an HR team using an Internal ATS (Applicant Tracking System) app to manage interview appointments for job candidates. They also have a Candidate Portal app for candidates' updates and assignment submissions.

In the Internal ATS app, HR inputs interview schedules, and hiring managers review submissions. The app includes a dataform for schedules and a workflow for assignments. Widget referencing allows sharing data from both flows with limited access in the Candidate Portal App, enabling candidates to view and respond to information.

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