Auto-assign status to the Kissflow board items based on conditions in Integrations

Do you want to automatically move items on your Kissflow board to different statuses based on simple conditions?
This can be achieved with a simple two-step integration involving the control connector.

How does it work? 
Stark Corporation uses the Kissflow Board to track and manage its product feature requests. They receive both internal and external requests on the board. To classify between the two, they have set up an integration with a simple condition that automatically moves the requests to the respective statuses based on the request type chosen in the form. This ensures that all internal requests move to the internal status in the workflow, and the external items move to the external status.


Pro Tip: You can also update the priority automatically within the same integration by mapping the priority field to the respective priority status.

Learn more about the board connector here

  suggested this use case to easily track internal and external feature requests with simple integration conditions. This has saved the manual work of evaluating each request and moving to its respective status.

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