Introducing New Child Table Enhancements on the Kissflow Mobile Apps

We're pleased to announce the release of anticipated updates for child tables on Kissflow’s Progressive Web Application (PWA) and native iOS and Android mobile apps. These updates enhance productivity by providing intuitive and flexible data viewing and interaction options.

Here's what's new!

Default Tabular View: Tabular view is now the default for child tables, providing an overview of data at a glance. The accordion view remains available for those preferring a different layout.

Enhanced Editing Capabilities: You can quickly edit data by tapping a cell to open a modal window. The changes are autosaved, ensuring no data loss.

Customizable Columns: You can reorder columns in child tables to suit your preferences. These custom configurations will be saved for future sessions.

Fullscreen Mode: On native apps, you can expand your view in fullscreen mode. This feature is ideal for managing extensive data sets on devices with limited screen space. Please note that this is not available on the PWA app.

Bulk Deletion: You can efficiently manage large child tables by selecting and deleting multiple rows simultaneously, simplifying data handling tasks. You could also long press on a row to trigger the bulk delete action.

Enhance Your Mobile Experience
These features are designed to improve efficiency and user-friendliness for data interactions on mobile devices. 

You can read more about these enhancements here

Update your Kissflow mobile app today to benefit from the new child table functionalities. Experience the enhanced flexibility and efficiency firsthand!

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Check out the new product tips here:

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