Enhance Approval Steps in Kissflow Process Workflows With Logical Expressions and Integrations

Do you have complex process workflows with multiple approvals you want to optimize? 
You can streamline this by implementing logical expressions in the workflow steps.

How does it work?
Sarah, the Project Coordinator at Stark Enterprises, has set up a process workflow for project proposal submissions. The workflow includes six approval steps, with two key approvals from the Project Lead and the Senior Manager. Occasionally, when proposals are sent back for revisions, they must go through all the approval steps again, causing unnecessary redundancy by having the Senior Manager review and approve proposals that were already approved before. To streamline the process and eliminate this redundancy, Sarah has implemented a straightforward two-step integration and added a condition in the specific approval step to skip it for proposals that are sent back for revisions.


Pro Tip: This expression can be applied across multiple approval steps based on your preferences for better optimization.

Read more about logical expressions here. 

suggested this use case to optimize workflows with multiple steps, reducing redundancy in reviews and improving approval workflows with swift approvals.

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