All-New Improved Ways to Manage Kissflow Integrations

We are excited to share that we have made significant improvements to managing Kissflow Integrations. It can be complex to manage integrations without access to detailed information, and navigating through them can be a hassle. That's why we have introduced a range of powerful capabilities to improve your experience by making it more efficient, user-friendly, and organized than ever before!

  • Search Functionality - You can now easily search for a specific integration name in our new search bar, eliminating the need to manually scroll through a long list.

  • Viewing Integrations - You can now view integrations in two ways:

    • Integration-based view - This view allows you to view your integrations in a list format. 

    • Connector-based view - This view lets you categorize and view your integrations based on connectors, triggers, and actions. This allows for a more customized and streamlined user experience.

  • Sorting Capabilities - You can sort the list of automations based on different parameters such as alphabetical order, date created, or status in a preferred order.

  • Automation Details and Metadata - You can quickly access all automation details without opening each integration separately. Information such as name, description, owner, last modified date, and status are readily available. 

You can read more about this here.

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