Product Tip: How to withdraw a submitted item in Kissflow

Let’s say you submitted an item in a process but you decided not to move forward with it. In such situations, you can use the withdraw action to discard the item. Similarly, if you’d like to make changes to an item you’ve already submitted, you can use the withdraw action to withdraw it, make the necessary changes, and restart it. Once withdrawn, you can find the item under the Withdrawn tab. Keep in mind that you can only withdraw items that are in progress.

Let us take a look at how to withdraw an item.

1) Find the list of items you have initiated, in the In progress section under the Created by me tab. Open an item you wish to withdraw and click the Withdraw button located at the bottom-right corner.

2) State your reason for withdrawal under Notes and click Withdraw.


For more information about withdrawing an item in Kissflow, click here.

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