Release Alert: Level Up Your Evaluations with Kissflow's Rating Field Now Supporting Half Star Ratings!

We've made a significant update to our Rating Field feature: now supporting half star ratings! Your feedback has been invaluable, and we've listened closely to your needs to enhance your user experience.

With this update, you now have even more flexibility in recording ratings across various parameters. Whether you're assessing interview performance in an Applicant Tracking System or managing reviews in a library management app, you'll appreciate the ability to provide more nuanced evaluations.

Let's delve into a real-world example: Consider an Applicant Tracking System used by a company's HR department. When evaluating candidates, it's often necessary to provide detailed feedback on various aspects of their performance. Previously, the Rating Field only allowed whole star increments, which could oversimplify the evaluation process. Now, with half star rating support, HR managers can provide more precise ratings.

For example, when assessing candidates, they can assign ratings like 4.5 for technical skills and 3.5 for communication, offering a more accurate reflection of strengths and areas for improvement.

Other real-time examples:

  • Education: Enhancing student evaluation for subject mastery and learning progress.

  • Hospitality: Improving service quality assessment for cleanliness and customer service.

  • Finance: Strengthening risk assessment for market volatility and investment risk.

  • Human Resources: Enhancing employee performance appraisal for job proficiency and teamwork.

  • Healthcare: Optimizing patient care assessment for symptom severity and treatment effectiveness.

  • Sales: Enhancing lead evaluation accuracy for lead quality and deal potential.

  • Project Management: Improving project performance assessment for task completion and team collaboration.

To know more, click here.

Rest assured, this update seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows. Ready to experience the power of half-star rating support for yourself? Simply update your Rating Field settings to start enjoying greater precision and accuracy in your evaluations.

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