Automating Task Creation Date in Kissflow for Improved Workflow Efficiency

Do you manually review item logs to track when an item was created?
Instead, automate this by populating the date field. This saves time and effort and ensures accurate reporting. 

How does it work?
Sarah oversees the project management system for the software development team, focusing on efficient task allocation and progress monitoring. Her primary goal is to track task creation dates and review them monthly. To streamline this process, she has set up a date field that automatically captures values when new items are created.

To compute a date field, use the following formula in the formula builder: 
date(_created_at.year(),_created_at.month(),_created_at.day()), or the Today function.

This automatically fetches the date when an item is initiated. Note that the above formula fetches the time when an item was first created. On the other hand, the Today function updates dynamically every time an item is opened or edited.

Pro Tip: You can compute a Date & Time field directly by using the function โ€œCreated at.โ€

Learn more about date expressions here.

 proposed this use case to streamline the tracking of process item creation, submission, and completion within our workflow, reducing the time spent analyzing item logs.

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