Validate Expiry With Condition Logic in Kissflow Forms

Do you want to auto-populate membership expiries in your Kissflow forms?
A simple condition logic using the IF function is all you need.

How does it work?
Let's consider a library membership renewal form. When renewing the membership, the user must input the membership expiration date in the form. Based on this date, the form fetches details on whether the membership is expired, nearing expiration, or still valid.

- If the expiration is less than ten days away, the field fetches the value "Less than ten days."

- If it is past the expiration date, it fetches "Expired."

- If more than ten days are left for expiration, it fetches "Valid."

Here's the formula you can use to achieve this:

If (RenewalDate <= today(), "Expired," if(RenewalDate < today() + 10, "Less than ten days left for expiry", "Valid"))

The formula checks the membership expiry date against the current date and determines if it expires in less than ten days or is still valid.

Pro Tip:
You can also use the IF function for other condition logic in Kissflow, such as assigning users to specific steps or determining if a step should occur based on certain conditions. This flexibility allows you to automate various aspects of your workflows efficiently.

Read more about the If function here.

By automatically updating the membership status based on the expiry date, you can eliminate the need for manual calculations and reduce the risk of errors.

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