Streamline Your Workflow: Automate Task Management Between Kissflow and Asana

Do you want tasks on Asana to be automatically updated based on your Kissflow workflows?
To automate your processes between Kissflow and Asana, all you need is a simple two-step integration involving the Asana connector. 

How does it work? 
Sarah, the Marketing Head at Stark Corporation, uses Asana to manage and track tasks for external vendors. When an item completes the review stage in the workflow, it is automatically updated in the corresponding task in Asana through an integration with the Asana Connector. This way, tasks in Asana are instantly updated, ensuring everyone on the team stays informed and aligned without requiring manual data entry.


Pro Tip: You can also update other details on your Asana account like task completion status, due date, assignee, and more. 

Read more about the Asana connector here

 suggested automating workflows and tasks between Kissflow and Asana. This automation allows for more efficient tracking across both platforms, significantly reducing the need for manual intervention.

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