Upcoming feature preview: Child table enhancements in the PWA mobile app

Get ready to experience a new way of interacting with child tables inside forms on the Kissflow Progressive Web Application (PWA)! This update is designed to display more data in a single view, significantly enhancing your productivity on mobile devices.

Coming soon

  • Tabular view by default: We're setting tables as the new default view for a better overview of your data. The accordion view is still available, allowing you to switch between formats.

  • Enhanced editing: Editing data is becoming more straightforward. Just click a cell to bring up a modal window for quick updates.

  • Customizable columns: Rearrange and save your column setups just how you like them. Your personal settings will be saved for future sessions.

  • Fullscreen mode: Switch to fullscreen mode for a wider view of your child tables, making it easier to handle large sets of data.


These updates aim to make your data interaction more intuitive and efficient. We are putting the final touches on these exciting features. Look for the updates by the end of April, 2024, and prepare to transform your experience with child tables in Kissflow PWA!