Enhanced notifications in Kissflow

We've got some exciting updates in the pipeline that will make your experience with Kissflow notifications even better. These changes will provide you with more control over your notifications and improve communication and collaboration within the platform. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Notifications for Kissflow Apps

We’re bringing you the capability to receive email, web app, and push notifications for Kissflow Apps so you can stay informed about important app updates and activities. If you are a process assignee, you can also act on items from your email inbox.

2. Extended notification customization

Currently, notification customization is limited to Kissflow Processes. With the upcoming changes, you can extend customization to Kissflow Boards and Kissflow Apps. In addition, we’re expanding customization options for the above-mentioned modules, allowing you to: 

  • Create notifications 

  • Tailor them according to your preferences 

  • Specify recipients and conditions for delivery.

3. Notification delivery options

You will have the flexibility to choose from multiple delivery channels (email, web app, and push notifications) for your notifications in processes, boards, and apps. This enhancement enables you to select the most suitable communication channel based on your preferences or requirements.

4. Flow notifications

Currently, when you click Notifications from the More options menu at the top right of a board or process home page, you can choose to get notifications based on the following: Everything, Action items, and Nothing. 


After the changes, this capability will not be present; instead, you can toggle the preferred channels to receive your notifications.


5. Changes to the notification center

Currently, when you click the Notifications menu in the top right and click Show all, you will be taken to the notification center. Post changes, the notification card on the right along with the Action Needed tab in the top panel will no longer be shown to optimize the view.

6. Updates in Account administration and My settings

In the Account administration page, admins can set the delivery channels (email, web app, and push) through which users should receive notifications. These updates provide admins with greater control over communication within their organization.



In the My settings page, users can choose to receive web app notifications apart from the existing email and push notifications.



7. Existing configuration of process notifications

While these changes introduce new notification capabilities for Kissflow Boards and Kissflow Apps, your existing notification content (both web app and email) within Kissflow Processes will remain unaffected



However, the toggle switch configurations for the existing email and web app channels will be modified based on the importance of the notifications, which you can configure at any time.


Implementation date

You can expect these changes to be rolled out by the end of March 2024. 

We're confident these changes will make your Kissflow experience more intuitive and enjoyable. Stay tuned for the update, and as always, feel free to reach out to us in the comments section if you have any questions.

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