Automate Google Calendar Events Using Kissflow Integrations

Would you like to schedule Google Calendar events automatically for your team's review meetings?
Kissflow integrations streamline the process by automating the setup of Google meetings.

How does it work? 
The engineering team at Stark Corporation regularly holds quick troubleshooting sessions. With Google integration, when a developer submits a form detailing an urgent technical issue, an event is automatically created on Sarah, the team lead's Google Calendar. For example, if a developer encounters a critical bug and fills out a form requesting immediate assistance, the integration swiftly generates a new event. Sarah can efficiently address the problem by convening the necessary team member for a focused discussion to resolve the issue promptly.


Pro Tip: You can customize permissions such as allowing attendees to modify an event, invite others, and view the guest list.

Read more about the Google Calendar connector here

 proposed automating the process of setting up quick events on Google Calendar, implementing a simple integration that would reduce the need to schedule meetings with team leads manually.

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