Enhancing stability with static IP reservations


Google Cloud NAT (Network Address Translation) is a service provided by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) that enables specific resources to establish outbound connections to the internet or other Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks.

Currently, Kissflow uses dynamic public IPs managed by Google Cloud NAT for all outbound calls, including integration calls to connect external applications. To enhance stability and streamline operations, we are transitioning to static public IPs.

What is changing

After 07 January 2024, Kissflow will use manual IP allocation strategy in Google Cloud NAT service, allowing users to use reserved static IPs that remain constant over time. This will eliminate the need for frequent updates to firewall rules with new Kissflow public IPs. 

Who will it affect

This change will affect users who have configured their firewalls by safelisting Kissflow IPs to allow Kissflow’s integration calls to applications in their network. Users who haven’t implemented this configuration will not be affected. 

What you need to do for uninterrupted services

  1. Safelist the new Kissflow public IPs (see below) along with the current public IPs before 07 January 2024.

  2. After 07 January 2024, remove the old IPs (see below) from your safelisted IP list, as they will not be associated with Kissflow's public IP.

Kissflow’s outbound integration calls to applications in your network will be allowed only if you safelist the new IPs listed below. Failure to do so will result in the disruption of those integration calls.

Old and new IPs

For customers using kissflow.com domain:

Old IPs

New IPs


For customers using kissflow.eu domain:

Old IPs

New IPs


Effects during change implementation

We’ll implement these Cloud NAT changes on 07 January 2024 (Sunday) during a period of minimal traffic to minimize any potential disruption. During the implementation, there may be a brief impact lasting less than one minute while triggering integrations.

We appreciate your understanding and support during this transition. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us in the comments or our support team.