Portal overview

What is a portal?

Kissflow Apps enable you to create complex, dynamic applications using visual tools and custom scripting. Businesses and non-professional developers can quickly create and deploy applications only Kissflow users can use.

With Kissflow Portals, you can create and deploy applications you can share with users outside your Kissflow account.

Portal eliminates the need to add external users to your Kissflow account. It allows you to keep business-sensitive data within your Kissflow account while creating an application for external users. It can allow external users like vendors, customers, or partners to connect and interact with applications created using Kissflow Apps. You can create applications with a wide range of possibilities by utilizing the capabilities of Kissflow Apps and integrations with third-party applications, all while maintaining the enhanced security that comes with a Kissflow account.

Only Enterprise accounts can create portals. You can increase your Kissflow account's soft limit of 10 portals by contacting Kissflow customer support later.

Common use cases for portals 

You can use portals to build applications to cater to various use cases. Below are some practical ways to use it:

  • A vendor portal that you can share with external vendors that are not a part of the company. 
  • A helpdesk that customers of your product can use to raise and track complaints or share feedback. 
  • A community portal that people can use to access and share information and engage in discussions. 
  • A field service management portal that you can use to assign work to field service agents and manage them. 

You can also refer to the dedicated Kissflow Apps documentation to learn more about Kissflow Apps and how to use them.