Introducing Import SDK for Flexible Importing in Kissflow Apps

Kissflow Apps can now trigger dataform imports through an SDK method that can be called from scripts within the app builder.

With this enhancement, developers can now place importers anywhere on a page instead of being fixed at the top right of a table view. Additionally, the import SDK also enables the passing of specific form fields with preset values from variables or parameters. This update allows showing the import option above custom views of a data form with a button component. Previously, this feature was only supported for the default All items view of a data form.

Application developers can now design applications that leverage user actions to minimize end-user input requirements. This allows for tailoring applications to meet specific needs while reducing the need for extensive user input. 

Read more about this here. We're eager to hear your thoughts about this new addition. If you have any inquiries or feedback, please comment below. Don't forget to like this post to show us your support.

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